Here you can find descriptions of all major Fixes and Improvements.

MANU-1.1.3-alpha (October 25, 2021)

Fixes and improvements:

  • Project files are now being put in one .tar package while exporting to MacOS from Windows

  • Fixed rare interface font issues on some MacBook computers

MANU-1.1.2-alpha (July 9, 2021)

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed some occasional game exporting malfunctions

MANU-1.1.1-alpha (May 13, 2021)

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed the issue with UI panel ‘Transform’ freezing sometimes while switching between objects

  • Fixed some issues leading to sudden client crashes

MANU-1.1.0-alpha (April 22, 2021)

Win/Mac desktop export Custom main character and its animation support

3D models skins and its animation support

PBR (Physics-Based Rendering) support

Game prefab support and ability to clone and/or change parameters of multiple objects

New UI of MANU Video Game Maker

New ‘Welcome’ window UI

Innovative trigger system

  • Ability to tune and combine settings of animation launch for in-game or player event

  • Ability to clone animation launch condition or animation itself

  • Support of keyboard input for triggers

  • Animation launch when user Start/Stop/Continue another animation or animations

  • Animation launch when user Start/Stop/Continue main character state machine settings

  • Support of ‘No Collision’ trigger type

  • Ability to enable or disable triggers

  • Tuning of user settings of game objects in timeline

Animation workflow development and improvement:

  • Ability to combine animations in timeline to make another single fragment of animation

  • Ability to Drag and drop game objects order in timeline

  • Ability to enable/disable animation in timeline

  • New settings ‘Offset’ and ‘Tiling’ for animation materials

  • Ability to tune lighting brightness

  • Users are now able to tune sound volume of animation

  • Tuning of animation physics settings

Support of ‘Ghost’ type of physical object

Users are now able changer parameters of multiple objects simultaneously

Added grid and Move by step and Rotate by step grid functions

Users are now able to set color markers in project nodes to simplify navigation

It is now possible to change/reimport game objects in the projects and keep all the settings of previous objects

Users are now able to set custom parameters for game objects, both numerical and logical

Improved formula editor, including highlight of syntaxis and autocomplete support

Added smart auto volume settings, depending on camera (listener) position

Improved game camera workflow and control

Added recording of project log to simplify polishing

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed rendering speed

  • Fixed memory leaks

  • Animation system optimization

  • Main character workflow optimization

  • Physics workflow optimization

MANU-1.0.2-alpha (August 17, 2020)

🛠 Fixes:

  • We've eliminated issues with heavy memory leaks when the Main Character is selected in the Edit Mode.

  • You can now create as many keyframes as you want and won't run into any mismatches amongst them.

  • Fixed bugs with gizmo - it no longer disappears when you leave the Game Mode. – Dynamic Objects no longer disappear.

  • Validated Camera Limits to avoid the use of inverted values.

  • Fixed Undo-Redo and Duplicate operations to ensure this feature responds to all changes made in the scene.

  • Hotkey (CTRL + S) no longer affects Camera settings.

  • Fixed crash issues caused by the following operations: window resize, switching between modes, character modifications, physics and graphics calculations, and memory leaks.

💎 Improvements:

  • The Physics Tab becomes visible by default when the collider edit tool is selected.

  • Changes in the Transform Panel are now re-calculated instantly in the 3D view.

MANU-1.0.1-alpha (June 2, 2020)


  • Now shared textures will be applied automatically across different models and materials.

  • We've implemented the update system into the launcher window, that will inform you, when the new version is available, and what features or fixes will be delivered with the update.

  • MANU is now fully portable: all required libraries are included, so you don't need to install them.

  • All lists work much faster now, especially, when you need to collapse or expand them.

  • The Scene Tree is now using more icon types to separate various objects, so it will be easier to add proper objects to the timeline.

  • Unsupported or broken models will not cause crashes: Instead, MANU will warn you about the specific issue.

  • From now on, global objects Sun and Sky can be added to the animation from the Scene Tree.

  • All values typed in keyframes will be applied automatically.

  • Groups can now be ungrouped.

  • A horizontal scroll is now supported in all panels.

  • Retarget is now limited to the supported features of the specific object type.

  • Overall performance and stability are now improved.

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