Main Toolbar

The main MANU toolbar contains all the objects used to create all the scenes and mechanics of MANU games. When you click on an object in the toolbar, it is created in the scene tree in the selected hierarchy. The toolbar contains the following tools.

Primitives - contains 3D objects to create primitive scenes. We recommend use them to create base of any scene and create game mechanics before importing advanced 3D models in your game.

Game Flow - one of MANU's main tools for connecting animations, triggers, state machines and other Game Flows together to visually build the logic of your entire game, control, customize and trigger all elements of your game.

State Machine - object that will allow you to create the behavior of objects in the scene and describe under what conditions the object's state should transition from one to the other.

Animation - object with which you will animate your game and make all objects work the way you want them to.

Trigger - объект с помощью которого вы будете отслеживать события в игре и запускать с помощью него анимации, менять состояния стейт-машин и включать Game Flows.

Collider - through which you will receive information about each other's interactions. Colliders are of different types, look for information about them in the corresponding section.

Light - Light sources in your game, which you will use to light up scenes and set their mood.

Speaker - the sound sources in your game. Play the sounds and background music assigned to them.

Paint group - a tool that will help you quickly fill the scene with environment objects, plant a forest or build up a city.

Backing volume - a tool for baking lightmap textures into your scene. Used by advanced users to create photorealistic game scenes.

Some tools are hidden in categories, to access them, click on the triangle icon in the lower right corner of the toolbar icon to reveal the full list of that category.

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