Collision consists of a group of triggers that are activated when the interaction between the objects occurs. From a dropdown list you can choose from 4 options: No Collision, Collision Started, Collision Continue, Collision Ended. All collision triggers have their own color Icons.

You can change the type of collision triggers by clicking on the Icon and choosing the ones you need from a dropdown list. It is also possible to choose and change objects of collision by clicking on the popup menu

Note: not all objects created in the game appear in the dropdown list for collision triggers. Only objects with Physics can collide.

No Collision

No Collision is a trigger that keeps the animation playback when the objects are not in the process of interaction.

Collision Started

Collision Started is a trigger that is initiated when objects have just collided. This trigger captures the moment of collision itself.

Collision Continue

Collision Continue helps to keep the animation playback while the objects are in the process of interaction.

Collision Ended

Collision Ended is a trigger which captures the moment when the collision between the objects is over and launches the animation after that.

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