Export Game on disk

MANU allows you to export your game into a standalone desktop application for both Windows and MacOS. This article describes the steps to complete it.

The guidelines below explain the game export on Windows.

1. Go to the Main Menu > File > Export.

2. In the prompt pop-up window, put your Project Name, select the Location and the Platform for export, then click the Export button. If the location for your export is set to the Documents folder, it will create a new subfolder called either Windows or macOS. You will find the exported game in either of these subfolders.

3. When the export is completed successfully, you will see the Success window.

4. To run the game as a standalone application, go to the folder on Windows where you exported your game. In our example, the Project Name was “Game Title”. Click on this folder, find an launcher.exe file and double click on it. That should start the game in a windowed mode. On Windows, click ALT+Enter to run the exported game in a Full Screen mode. To return this action, hit ALT+Enter again.

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