A variable of the "Number" type, as its name implies, can only store numeric values. You can use these values with other variables and object properties that have or use numeric values. A numeric variable can store numbers from 0.00009 to 999999.

How to set the Number Variable?

The Number Variable can be set in the Inspector Panel. To do this, select the object in the Scene Tree and:

  • Go to the Inspector Panel and click on Variables Tab. After that, the Variables Panel will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Click on the plus (“Add variable” button) and you will see a drop-down list with the variables that MANU has.

  • Name variable if you need.

  • Select “Number” from the list or leave it "Number" by default.

How to change variable in Animations?

You can change variable value in animations:

  • Select an object that has the variable you need and add it to the timeline

  • In the animated properties, select the need variable

  • Select the target keyframe and change the value of the variable to the one you want.

How to use variables in formulas?

You can always use variables in formulas for calculations in your game.

  • To access the value of a variable in the formula bar, type "$".

  • The formula object picker will open. In the picker, select the desired object and its variable.

  • The added variable will be used given the arithmetic operations in your formula.

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