Transparent is responsible for the transparency of the object, but not for the transparency of the material. For example, during the game you will need to make the wall translucent for a while, behind which the Main Character will move. So, you can see him. The transparency option will help you to do it.

The intensity of the Opacity parameter (in Transparent mode) can be changed from 0 to 100%. If the parameter value is 0, the object will be completely transparent.

This option also considers the fact that some objects may consist of several components (objects) and some parts overlap each other.

When the opacity increases, such an object becomes opaque unevenly. And we can see where these components overlap, since in these places (areas) the transparency is less intense than in the whole object. Although all parts have the same level of transparency.

Look at the screenshot below. With the same opacity parameter of 22%, the component parts of the object in overlap areas give less transparency. It also brings the visualization of the object closer to the realities of the physical world.

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