Welcome Screen

This is a quick overview of the Welcome Screen menu in MANU Game Maker.

Welcome Screen is designed to help you get started with MANU.

Interface Overview

The header of the Welcome Screen includes the version and build number of the MANU application you are currently using. You can use this information if you would like to report a bug or issue with MANU. The MANU version and build number changes as we release new updates.

The left panel of the Welcome Screen shows a list of recent projects. Please note that if you open the MANU app for the first time, the fields for recent projects will be empty.

The left panel of the Welcome Screen screen contains four sections with links to Game Store, Asset Store, Video Tutorials and MANU Manual. These sections are designed to help you get started with MANU.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, click the Create New Project button.

Opening Existing Project

To open an existing project, click Open Existing Project button.

Game Store

In the MANU Marketplace you can play games created on the MANU engine. You can also post your games and make them available to the community of players and game creators.

Asset Store

Use the Assets created by the MANU development community to create games faster, learn the mechanics and algorithms needed to create game objects. Share your work with the community by uploading your tapes.

Video Tutorials

Watch a video tutorial that explains basic and advanced game creation techniques in MANU in an easy to understand way. Use them to quickly get started creating games.


In the manual you will get comprehensive information on the MANU engine and all its features, tools and functionality.

Social Networks

In MANU our community means a lot to us. Stay connected with us by joining our social media groups.

Leave your impressions of using MANU, share your skills and ideas, report any bugs you find.

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