Welcome Screen

This is a quick overview of the Welcome Screen menu in MANU Game Maker.
Welcome Screen is designed to help you get started with MANU.

Interface Overview

The header of the Welcome Screen includes the version and build number of the MANU application you are currently using. You can use this information if you would like to report a bug or issue with MANU. The MANU version and build number changes as we release new updates. To review a list of fixes, enhancements, and updates, click on the <View Changelog> button. See more in Changelog.
The left panel of the Welcome Screen shows a list of recent projects. Please note that if you open the MANU app for the first time, the fields for recent projects will be empty.
The left panel of the Welcome Screen screen contains four sections: (1) Manual, (2) Video Tutorials, (3) Demos, and (4) Sample Projects. These sections are designed to help you get started with MANU.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, click the Create New Project button.

Opening Existing Project

To open an existing project, click Open Existing Project button.


To look up MANU’s manual, click on the Manual button in the right panel of the Welcome screen. It will load a web page in your browser with a user guide and technical documentation to help you get started with MANU.

Video Tutorials

You can make your first game using step-by-step video tutorials. If you click on the Video Tutorials button of the Welcome Screen, it will open a web page in your browser with a list of tutorials we handpicked for you to help you learn about the basic workflow in MANU. To learn more, go to Video Tutorials.


A demo game is a freely distributed piece of a playable video game with advanced assets and interesting gameplay. The goal of demo projects is to demonstrate the top features you could use to make games in MANU. You can download and edit fully playable demo games if you click on the <Demos> button from Welcome Screen. To find out more about our demos, go to Demos.

Sample Projects

A sample project is a non-playable game. The project includes the assets and settings related to one popular game mechanic you could use to create your own scene in MANU (for example, a pick-up). The goal of sample projects is to help you quickstart in MANU. Here you can download and use projects offering popular game mechanics. To learn more, go to Sample Projects.

Leave Feedback

If you would like to leave feedback about MANU, click on the <Leave Feedback> button at the bottom right corner of the Welcome Screen. It will open a web page in your browser with a short questionnaire. Your answers to this questionnaire will help our team learn about your experience of interacting with the MANU platform. It takes 3-5 mins to complete the survey. This feedback will help us improve our platform for you, and thousands of other game developers.

Report a Bug

To report a bug or an issue you have experienced in MANU, please click on the <Report a Bug> button at the bottom right corner of the Welcome Screen. This will open a form in your web browser to fill out. The more details you provide in this form, the quicker we will be able to assist you. To learn more about conducting our support team, go to Contact Support.

Social Networks

In MANU our community means a lot to us. Stay connected with us by joining our social media groups.