Export Assets to Marketplace

Along with the Games section, there is an Assets section on the MANU Marketplace. In this section, users can exchange assets. Assets are like “building blocks” for creating games. Assets can be objects, as well as objects combined into a group or a set of some objects (for example, to create mountains or a set of tools). All these objects (assets) can already be animated and ready to work. So, they can immediately work as a game object in the Scene (for example, bots or skeletons).

How to export assets to MANU Marketplace?

Before exporting, make sure that your Asset is ready, completed and grouped as needed.

Note: only Prefabs can be exported to the MANU Marketplace.

To make your object a prefab:

● In the Scene Tree, hover over the object you need and right-click.

● Next, select the Create prefab option from the drop-down list.

If the icon of your object in the Scene Tree turns blue, then your object has become a prefab and is ready to be exported to the MANU Marketplace.

When the Object has become a Prefab, it will appear in the Asset Browser. You can check this by going to the Asset Browser, which is located on the Left Panel (in the upper left corner of the screen). All created prefabs will be placed in the Asset Browser.

To proceed with exporting assets to the MANU Marketplace:

● Open the Asset Browser in MANU.

● Select the asset (object) that you want to export.

● At the top of the Asset Browser window, you will see the “Export to Manu Marketplace" button. Click on it.

● Next, a window with instructions will appear explaining what you need to do to export the asset to the MANU Marketplace.

Let's now go to the MANU Marketplace website:

● Sign in to your profile and go to the Assets section.

● Next, a window will open with the “Create new asset” option, click on it.

● You will be taken to the profile page of a new asset. The new Asset profile is empty. Fill it in (indicating name, categories, description) and add asset banners and pictures.

● In the lower right corner, you will see the code that you need to copy.

After receiving the code, we go back to MANU:

● Paste the code into the “Enter code” field in the pop-up window.

● Click on the Export Asset button in the pop-up window, and the asset will start exporting to the MANU Marketplace.

● After the successful completion of the Asset export to the MANU Marketplace, press the Close button.

Next, we go back to the Asset profile on the MANU Marketplace. Here, we can publish it, so that it is available to all users or keep it for our use only.

Downloading and importing assets

After you make your asset published, it will appear in the Assets section of the MANU Marketplace (in the categories to which you have assigned it). This asset can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button. Asset will be downloaded as a regular zip file.

To import assets to MANU:

● You need to go to the MANU Asset browser.

● At the top of the Asset Browser window, there is an Import button. Click on it and the standard file selection dialog will open.

● Select the downloaded asset and it will appear in the Asset browser.

● After that, you may use the new asset in your game.

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