The Diffuse/Albedo map indicates what colors are in this texture. It takes the color of the objects.

How to apply a texture map (on the example of a Diffuse map)?

To apply a texture to the material, click on the diffuse map, after that it will be possible to import or select a diffuse map.

To download a texture from your computer, simply click on the Import texture option. You also can select a texture map from the texture picker.

The diffuse map can also be disabled by moving the slider under it to the left.

If for some reason you need to delete the diffuse map, just hover over it and you will see a trash can icon. Right-click on it and the diffuse map will disappear.

Color/Albedo Tint

Each material has a Color property; and it behaves differently for each material. For example, for Basic materials, it behaves quite straightforwardly. We can choose any color and apply it to the object. And the object will simply get this color, there will be no reliefs, shadings or refraction of light on the object.

If we apply texture and change its color, the color value is multiplied by the selected texture.

And if the texture is not selected or disabled, it just shows the color.

Application: the combination of texture and color can be used in animation. For example, we have some object and we need it to flash red without changing anything else. Create an animation, set the color change from white to red and loop the animation.

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