Pick-Up Rotation
In this sample project, a coin rotates by Y-axis. To add this effect, we completed the following steps below.
1. Create a new animation and rename it to “Pick-Up Rotation”.
2. Add the Pick-Up group from the scene tree into the timeline using the RMB.
3. Add a rotation to the Pick-Up group in the timeline by using the (+) button and selecting Rotation for Y-axis from the drop-down menu.
4. Next, click on the 1.0 point of the keyframe and input “origin+360” using the keyboard. This command will rotate your pick-up group by 360 degrees around the Y axis within 1.0 seconds.
5. You need to loop this animation by clicking on the Loop button in the timeline tab.
6. Lastly, set up a trigger for coin rotation. To do that, go to the Triggers tab, click on Add New Trigger button and select On Launch Scene. This trigger with play this animation when you launch a game.‌
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